The Benidorm Board Game

The brave live here but only the lucky survive.

Benidorm - The Game

Favourite Areas

Take a stroll off the beaten track to do a bit of shopping and maybe even get a job. Of course walking around as a tourist can get expensive or you might win big at bingo

Over 80 Businesses 

Featuring over 80 different businesses that you can buy, sell, build into your empire. Pay wages, charge your friends for food & drink, while reliving old memories and making new.

Benidorm Coin

Or Beni's as we call them here can be used not just to buy your favourite bar but expensive items or will you end up with a micky mouse watch. Don't spend it all too quickly, things like hospital can get pretty costly if you don't have holiday insurance.  

2022 edition

Now coming into its second year the first ever Benidorm Board Game is fun for friends and family bringing you all the memories of Benidorm in a board game. Experience the ups and downs of living in Benidorm

Over 100 Cards

Bringing you along the roller coaster ride of the ups and downs and experiences of Benidorm life, work and play. Will you be working as a prop all day or on your way to becoming a star.  

Benidorm Metropolis

Will you become the next Benidorm tycoon, owner of luxury hotels, fancy cars & clothes or will you end up sleeping rough on the Levante beach. What are you waiting for get the Benidorm game now and build your metropolis

Our Benidorm Story

The Benidorm Board Game was designed to give fun, laughter and bring back momories of past Benidorm holidays and the excitement of ones yet to come. If you can't come to Benidorm, then we'll bring Benidorm to you. It is also a way to promote the many businesses here that have been going through hard times and where possible many website links are included on the game cards. In the future we will also have an interactive section on the site where you can get more info and links to anything that has peaked your interest. 2022 edition on sale now!


Featured Benidorm bars & restaurants, some you may not yet know.


Life, Risk, Job & Shopping cards bringing Benidorm a reality into your home.


Ever Benidorm board game full of fun and laughter for all 


Of all profits going to Benidorm charity helping with the crisis.


Lots of laughs specific to Benidorm. Will your bar get busted by the sound police, do you have a crafty lawyer to sort out your planing permission. Will you be singing karaoke, playing bingo or dancing all night on the square?


Whats the best job, when should you build, what items will you purchase, how much should you save for a rainy day? All these questions and more can only be answered by playing the game.

About Us

The Benidorm game is designed and built in Benidorm with local knowledge to bring you the best possible experience and relive past memories and create new ones for when you next arrive.


Benidorm Game
Av. Juan Fuster Zaragoza, 12
Benidorm 03503

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