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The Game

Start your life as a tourist, get a job maybe as a prop or become an extra on Bendorm and work your way up to being a TV celebrity. Make it through the holiday and you can start buying bars and restaurants bulding up to your own hotel chain. Will you end up living the dream or sleeping on the Levante beach.

Take a stroll around the market or maybe get lost in the old town, will you get scammed by the potato men or call house at bingo, spend all night singing karaoke or dancing on the square. Rent a mobility scooter speeding round the board or crash the hire car ending up in Levante Hospital. Avoid paying your taxes, get done by the sound police, lose your wallet skinny dipping in the sea, win big at the bookies, this game has it all. Win the game by becoming a Benidorm tycoon but just hope French air traffic control strikes don't hit your pocket

Only the brave live here and the lucky survive

Our Story

We ourselves are an events promotions and advertising company in Benidorm. On March 14th, the day all the bars and restaurants were shut in Benidorm, we saw our income go to zero straight away. All the events we had organized have since been cancelled and well just like every other business we were destroyed in a day. With staff to look after and unfortuanely as we are only seasonal most of them had just started on contract that week. So far at time of writing (May 2d) 50 days since lockdown we've received no support from the government. As our staff had only started none of them were covered by ERTE legislation inacted.

Anyway so many are in the same boat so rather than wait, the board game was an idea I had for many years just never the time to invest in it. Well after weeks of design and working 14-16 hours a day, but with no distractions lol so at least the restrictions were good for something. I do hope others use this time to do things that they never had time to do before, use this as an opportunity to undertake something that is dear to your heart as to be honest making this game was always something I wanted to do.

The beauty of it is it is also good for Benidorm, reminds people of what a great and funny place this is. We will soon expand this website to be interactive and include all the places mentioned in the game so you can search and find them and plan for your next visit to Benidorm.

We have also decided to donate 10% of all profits for all time to charity. Currently the charity we have chosen for the short to medium term is the Benidorm Food Bank, a worthy and much needed resource in these times. In past crisis I've known what it is like to be hungry so even if you do not wish to purchase the game you may still want to donate to a good cause helping real families in need with direct action delivering food and essentials.

We hope you enjoy the game, thank you.

About Us

The Benidorm game is designed and built in Benidorm with local knowledge to bring you the best possible experience and relive past memories and create new ones for when you next arrive.


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