How To Play

Each player (2-6 players) gets 3,000 Benidorm Coin or Beni's to start their holiday. Roll the dice and move about the board. As a tourist you have to pay for food and drink so early on you will want to try to get a job, which can be gained by taking detours through the Old Town and other areas or in the Benidorm life & Risk cards. There are five different jobs that make up many of the workers in Benidorm and each have their beneifts.

Once you have a job you don't have to pay for food and drink when you land on a place of employment. More importantly with a job you collect wages on spaces that you are qualified to work initially paid from the bank until another player or yourself owns that street. As is normal in Benidorm you can change jobs as often as you like. You will see when switiching jobs is to your advantge, thats of course as long as you don't get sacked. This is Benidorm after all, one day working as a chef and the next as a prop or one day no job at all.

Prop Job

Props don't make much money but avoid paying for food and drink as much as possible and can work almost anywhere. This is always a great starting job for life in Benidorm


Waiting tables is the next step up and you make more money than props. Where ever there is a restaurant you get paid but you still have to pay when you land where there is no restaurant.

Bar Work

Similar to waiting tables, the money is the same but there does tend to be more bars in Benidorm. There are also areas with no bar work so here you also have to pay


Chefs work in the restaurants also & make more money than waiting tables but there are less of these jobs available. They follow the same pattern as waiters/waitress


Entertainers make more money than other workers but there are less of these jobs available. They follow the same pattern as bar work.

Benidorm Extra

This card can be held in conjunction with any other job as it is just tempory work but it enables you to get a second wage every week when you complete a round of the board. This is also the way of making it to being a TV celebrity


Once you start to build your bars and restaurants this will take all your time and so you have to quit your job. This is risky. Can you make enough out of other players or will you have to pay them wages. As a business competitor you also have to pay where ever you land 

Hotel Tycoon

Everyone pays to stay at your hotels and so this is the final aim of the game. Can you build a metropolis. Compete with the other players to see you will be the richest of them all. Can you amass all the luxury items

Benidorm Game Cards

Over 100 different cards some with hilarious consequences if it doesn't affect you.

Shopping Cards

When you land on one of the shopping areas you can buy different items from cheap to expensive. Cheap items can also be traded in for more expensive ones so take note everything has value in Benidorm

Benidorm Life Cards

These feature the general antics that go on in Benidorm from not being able to find your hotel, getting drunk and missing work to hiring a mobility scooter and flying around to name a few

Benidorm Risk 

Will you get scammed by the pea men or win big at the casino. Will sanidad close down your restaurant or the sound police hit your bar with a fine, the daily struggles are all to be found here.

About Us

The Benidorm game is designed and built in Benidorm with local knowledge to bring you the best possible experience and relive past memories and create new ones for when you next arrive.


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